Bleaf Story

For centuries, humans and bamboo have journeyed hand in hand, sharing wisdom and secrets in a colorful array of uses. Providing us shelter, nourishment and nutrients essential to our minds and souls, this mighty plant has been an even mightier ally to humankind. With its hollow grace and prevailing flexibility, bamboo has long been considered an emblem of enlightenment; it is both a symbol and a tool of inner-peace. For only those that can go with the flow, can withstand the storm.


And yet our journey is still going and we now have to learn to make our footprints as gentle as this humble plant. Although it grows in dense forests, it does not obstruct the path of the stream, and bamboo´s superpower is that it can capture and store immense amounts of carbon dioxide. As one of the fastest growing plants, able to regenerate foliage in only 6 weeks, and be ready for harvest after just 3 years; the self-replenishing nature makes bamboo one of the most sustainable plants to farm, and ensures the longevity of the forests. Not to mention the ability of this plant to restore the soil to a healthy composition.

Now just imagine what it can do for us…


This is where our cycle began. Learning all the secrets of the bamboo from history, and the lessons it could teach us about harnessing its goodness. We saw our journey celebrating this plant through the simple enjoyment of tea. Marrying our beloved plant with another ancient tradition of tea drinking, we wanted to refine our product to show you the elegance and simplicity of this magical drink, and help you to begin your journey…