The Blends

The Blends

The Heritage Bundle

Our Heritage Bundle has been carefully curated to be as unique as the handcrafted products inside; with a box of Bleaf Tea Original Flavour, Bleaf bracelets and an oriental Bleaf Teaset. The tea set was crafted in Bat Trang Village, from 100% Vietnamese ceramic clay, giving it excellent heat retention and enhancing the richness of Bleaf Tea. The unglazed finish allows some of the tea to be absorbed into the porous wall, creating a distinct heritage flavor that cannot be recreated, while the regular use of the earthenware gives it a natural shine on the exterior. The bamboo beads of our bracelets were handmade and threaded together on a red string, which symbolizes fortune and positive energy, and each bracelet features sacred Tibetan Dzi stone and Blackstone beads. All of this is housed inside a luxury Bleaf bamboo box, making it the perfect gift from your dearest friends or business partners. 

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Original Blend​

Get back to the essentials with our Original Blend, which captures the harmonious flavors of the young bamboo leaf and the sacred Sophora Japonica. Packed with all the natural silica and antioxidants these leaves have to offer, our Original Blend is a great way to help restore the balance in your body, mind, and soul. The light, fresh Stevia Leaf flavor works perfectly with the bamboo aromas and will help guide your senses back to your core.

Ingredients: Bamboo Leaves, Sophora Japonica, Stevia Leaf

Let the tea bag infuse in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy hot or add ice for a refreshing cold drink. For the best result, enjoy Bleaf Bamboo Tea daily.

Blueberry Blend

Perfect for indulging yourself and escaping from the far-less delicious demands in life, our blueberry infusion has a natural sweetness as deep and rich as the indigo colour of its skin. Blueberry is the perfect addition to our tea, giving this tea blend a well-rounded flavor that will connect intensely with each taste bud. This super fruit also perfectly complements the wide range of health benefits already provided by the bamboo leaves themselves, thanks to blueberries richness in antioxidants.

Ingredients: Bamboo Leaves, Sophora Japonica, Dried Blueberry

Let the tea bag infuse in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy hot or add ice for a refreshing cold drink. For best results, enjoy Bleaf Bamboo Tea daily.